August 2016 Update

First of all, thanks for coming back to the site! This has been a really exciting year, thus far. I'm still cutting records by the week and playing as many shows as possible. Check out the media section to see me playing with Hall of Fame NFL player DeMarcus Ware with his high school band followed by a performance from my band Vaudevylle. The performance made it to TMZ which can be seen in my MEDIA section. I've also teamed up with Studio Automatic and Producers Zac Maloy and Jude Dyllan to do their work. That has been a blast and extremely fruitful to my playing career. I'm also adding a ton of new media as it is being officially released, so I apologize for the slow moving content. I'll promise to have much more soon.

Neil Swanson and Vaudeville

I felt it was much needed to fill everyone in on the end of 2015 and what is on the horizon for 2016. Neil Swanson continues to make waves by collaborating with some heavy hitters and writing new material for 2016. Head over to to stay up to date on all the cool things he has planned. I also did an album for my country band Vaudeville, so head over to the media section for a video on who we are. Keep rocking my friends!

Holy cow! and 2015

Since I last posted, I got to travel to Nashville and hang out with John McBride at Blackbird Studios. Following that in December, Son of Swan played the Viper Room in LA (video in media section). This month played a big show at Trees in Dallas with John5 (Marilyn Manson / Rob Zombie), and are ramping up for a few South by Southwest shows. Visit for an update on those shows and our new EP coming out later this month.


Howdy folks! (Appropriate, huh?) I've spent the past couple of weeks working on the new EP with Son Of Swan and I feel like a proud papa of a bunch of new babies. Keep your ears peeled for new sounds. Also, tomorrow I leave for Nashville where I'll be visiting studios, drums shops, venues, and old friends. Check out my social media of you want to keep up with how my trip is going...

New site and upcoming shows

Thanks for checking out my site. As you can see there are a lot of cool things on the horizon for me so I decided this will be your future hub for all things Billy Walker. Next month I'm headed to Nashville with my guitarist Neil Swanson, where we will be meeting with some cool companies/people/studios, so keep your ears peeled for news on that. I'm currently still working on updating it, so there will be more content in the near future. In the meantime, check out my calendar for my upcoming shows and listen to some music in the 'media' section...